What If Politicians Smoked Weed?

Posted on August 16 2016

In light of Malia Obama’s recent escapades into drug-addled hedonism at Chicago-based festival ‘Lollapalooza’ it seems a good enough time to dredge up the controversy that encumbered her father. Obama was not alone, however, Bill Clinton before him was known to have smoked marijuana in his youth. Clinton, unlike Obama, dealt with the situation rather poorly by claiming he didn’t even inhale. Now I’m sure most people reading this will know that not inhaling is kinda stupid, kinda really stupid, as for starters it doesn’t fulfill its primary purpose of getting you stoned and also not taking it back can actually be harmful to your mouth. Obama however went the more honest route, chronicling his marijuana escapades as a member of ‘Choom Gang’ and generally deflecting most of the controversy with honesty, weird, right?

Now like many, I can’t wait for the first full-on stoner politician, but it seems unlikely anytime soon, so I will attempt to reimagine current, presumably non-stoner, politicians as stoners.

Donald Trump

Pictured above with a classic case of the munchies, we could presume that Trump would probably eat a lot more junk food and probably use his private jet to get snacks from the store. Occasionally marijuana can cause paranoia in smokers, which, if Trump were a stoner, may prove disastrous for us due to his already controversial nature being accentuated by cannabis induced paranoia. Reading back at the last few points I realise that it seems kind of possible that Trump may already be a stoner, probably not though as he would be more chilled if her were.

Hillary Clinton

Let's be honest Hillary probably already has a million different responses and deflections for every and any accusation used against her. If Hillary were to smoke weed it would be unlikely we’d ever know. Ii don’t see this as a particularly bad thing, as it keeps the dream alive that Hillary and probably Bill too are flying around the world stoned out of their minds, doing the kind of things one would stereotypically expect from a Clinton (mainly what you’d expect from Bill) while also potentially being in the process of being the first female POTUS.



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