What do you think about dabbing?

Posted on January 23 2018

Strangely enough I’m not talking about the dance craze which swept the whole world, even enticing Hillary Clinton into having a go all those moons ago (remember her?), but rather the marijuana craze which has been somewhat of a trend for a while now. Now chances are if you’re reading this blog then you probably know what dabbing is, or have an idea. If you don’t or you only have a vague knowledge of what dabbing may be, let me break it down for you. Dabbing is where you take highly concentrated amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the form of a waxy golden marijuana concentrate, you then apply the substance to a hot surface and merely inhale the fumes as you would in say a bong or shisha pipe.

With the substance you inhale being so high in THC, it means you get really, really high. In fact the first time I really began to pay attention to dabbing was when Dogg Pound rapper Roscoe passed out after taking a sizeable hit. Now this entertained me but also slightly terrified me, was it really that strong?

Personally, I have never actually taken a dab, thats not to say I wouldn't give it a go, I've just never come across it. The strength of the substances used, being extremely THC-heavy, somewhat unnerves me as I generally favour the more relaxing highs as opposed to the highly cerebral ones. 

From what I have heard from friends who have taken a dab is somewhat mixed. One friend of mine took an intensely strong hit after essentially trash talking someone into giving him the highest strength and spent the following couple of hours lying on a sofa with his head spinning. Whereas other people have told you it just gets you really high but not in a bad way, so I would conclude that it’s likely that if you’re stupid with it, you will probably get messed up but if not then you’ll probably be fine but you still might not wanna risk it.

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