What do you think about cannabis infused food?

Posted on October 30 2017

While this is by no means a new thing, I have yet to try it mind you, the idea that chefs will infuse foods with marijuana still seems a tad Utopian to me. Obviously this extends beyond your typical ‘space cake’ brownie type of thing, I have even heard rumors of weed infused pizza but I don’t think my mind can fully comprehend that yet, so I’m just going to quickly read up on it and hope that my head doesn’t explode or some such thing which happens when your mind gets blown. Wish me luck!

Ok back now, it looks and I’m going to presume that it is great, the combination of two of my favourite things is just a beautiful thing to see, like poetry in motion. The full extent of the effects of said pizza are somewhat unknown to me, but if it’s anything like weed brownies, you probably won’t be able to eat a whole one to yourself, which is kind of a shame. You can make your own cannabis-infused pizza sauce but I imagine that there is somewhere that sells it, however I imagine it won’t be cheap to buy straight up.

On top of the glorious sounding pizza, I also found cannabis infused olive oil, which would be great for those stoners trying to eat healthy, as it would make a great dressing for a salad or even the base for a stir fry.

Overall I am excited to see what new developments are made in the weed-infused food business. It would be a very brave new world in which it was standard fare to serve food infused with weed in a restaurant.



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