What are the origins of autoflowers?

Posted on July 26 2016

When you’re looking at seeds an ‘auto’ strain means autoflowering. This means, that as opposed to a normal strain, that if one were to grow it out, it would need differing light cycles to differentiate between the flowering and the vegetative growth stages, it needs no change in its lighting times to flower.

So how did we get auto flowering strains of cannabis?

Well, you might well know about Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, but you may not have heard about Cannabis Ruderalis, the third in the trio. Cannabis Ruderalis is a small, stocky plant that is generally found in Eastern Europe. On it’s own, its a fairly unimpressive plant, with a low THC content and not much else going for it. 

Ruderalis does have a quality that makes it incredibly useful though, it doesn’t rely on the level of daylight in order to induce flowering. It flowers depending on the age of the plant, meaning that no matter where n the world it is, it will grow to the same age, flower and then die.

When you cross these genetics with cannabis sativa or indica that you would use for smoking, then you get a plant that can auto flower. Auto flowers are particularly useful in northern parts of the world where the weather is often too wet to grow outdoors for the time it takes a normal plant to flower naturally.

Thus, the auto flower was born. Now you can get autos of many of your favourite strains, making use for people who want a short growing season or just want a little bit more of a hands off experience.



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