What are the best things to eat when you have the munchies?

Posted on August 01 2017

I must admit, as a sort of foreword to the actual piece, I did realise it seems somewhat odd to write about the worst things to eat while stoned without first discussing the best things, to me that seems like the logical order of discussion. Or at the very least it would’ve made sense for me to follow up the aforementioned article with this article right away

The munchies, oh, ‘the munchies’ or maybe even The Munchies is a great sensation, providing you have the means with which to satiate the craving as it consumes you. Some people may consider it a negative as it can quite easily lead to you eating takeaway or generally unhealthy food as well as the overeating of said food. However, if you curb your hunger in a more controlled manner, it’s hard I know, then it does not necessarily have to be utterly detrimental to your health. Perhaps the words utterly and detrimental are a bit harsh, but you get the point, you can eat healthily when stoned.

For instance, I am currently eating a pre-made salad which describes itself as being ‘Super Green’ this sounds pretty healthy. It is actually also very nice due it’s a nice mix of greens of all flavours alongside falafel and feta cheese. Is it pizza nice? Is anything? No, not really but, nonetheless, it would definitely do the job if I were stoned and had the munchies as it is very filling and also fresh and flavoursome.

On top of this, fruit is also a pretty good option, because of the health factor but apples, pears and the like can also help kill two bids (or stoner problems) with one stone as they can cure your bone dry mouth.

Whatever you choose, it is going to be good really, food is just better when you’re stoned. To this end, I would highly recommend trying to eat healthier food which maybe does not taste as nice as the regular fast food options but will certainly hit all the correct spots when stoned.



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