What are the best purple cannabis strains?

Posted on August 29 2017

Purple cannabis is a rarity in the world of cannabis, somewhat like a shiny version is in the main series of Pokemon games, when compared with the sheer amount of strains available. Purple weed is one of a few different variations on the classic green colour cannabis normally has, and it is probably the most popular of said variations due to a number of celebrity endorsements, such as Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze, and it’s aesthetically pleasing appearance. Variations of things are always more desirable, like Spider-Man's black suit will always be viewed as cooler than the original red and blue get-up by young boys, as they seem like they have all the positives of the original with something extra added on so as to complement it. You can bet your bottom dollar that all purple strains will be named in kind, with almost all alluding to their colour, if you don’t believe me, why not take a look below?

Auto Dark Purple


Let’s kick things off with a lesser known classic, at least compared to the other two on this list, which is nonetheless a great little strain for purple lovers and purple beginners alike. Combining OG Kush with Purple Kush, followed by the two being reworked through five generations, the sweet kush flavour and aroma is preserved while the purple colour blooms through. The buds which are formed are compact with a striking purple colour.

Purple Kush


Here is one of the classics, perhaps ‘the classic’ when it comes to purple strains of cannabis, alongside the aforementioned Purple Haze, and such a reputation does not come without good reason. Born in the rolling valleys of the Hindu Kush, the fast-flowering, fully purple strain comes with an intense smell and a beautiful looking plant.

Grand Daddy Purple


As it’s name suggests, this one is quite literally the grandaddy of them all, perhaps the ultimate in purple strains. When originally introduced onto the scene in 2003, the strain took the medical marijuana market in California by storm, that demand for Grand Daddy Purple was so high that not all suppliers were able to get their hands on this coveted strain.



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