Were we all eating a lot more CBD before prohibition?

Posted on June 27 2016

I came across an interesting theory recently regarding why CBD and other cannabinoids seem to solve so many modern health problems. The theory goes something like this - that when farm animals were fed industrial hemp containing CBD before the prohibition of marijuana and the discontinued use of hemp as animal fodder, people were consuming much more CBD that came in through the food chain. This in turn led to the health benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, solving problems traditionally medicated with CBD treatment. These problems cover everything from digestive tract issues to arthritis.

On the surface, this theory does indeed seem to have some credibility. CBD could well be transferred in the meat and fats of animals we eat. However, one would also have to have evidence that people were actually healthier in regards to illnesses that can be treated by CBD before prohibition. This doesn’t seem to have much evidence to back it up. When looking, I couldn’t find any studies confirming that people who ate hemp fed (i.e. animals that ate hemp as part of their diet) food products seemed to have less illnesses on the whole.

There could be a great many reasons for this. The main significant reason one would suspect is the lack of scientific studies done on large groups of people prior to prohibition of hemp in the 1930s. Another is the fact that many of the illnesses we would treat with CBD have gone under many different names over the years, and some are pretty ambiguous to say the least.

Maybe CBD is the reason that we seem to have developed health problems that we weren’t aware of before. Many more people than ever before are finding themselves with symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome, gluten intolerance and other ‘twenty-first century’ diseases. Until we have the ability to study CBD and its effects on the food chain from hemp fed animals, we really won’t be able to tell whether we had more CBD in our diet before the prohibition of marijuana, but it’s definitely possible.



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