Weed: A Gateway To Fun

Posted on December 14 2016

Everyone is always banging on about how marijuana is a gateway drug, how marijuana will make your kids grow up to become crack addicts, and really this is but another excuse people have come up with to cover up theirs or others short comings. The truth of the matter is, yes, marijuana is a gateway drug, to a sizeable portion of food, a dry mouth and a heck of a good time. Marijuana has only really ever been a gateway to things which are entirely controllable and avoidable, there’s nothing in the stoner guide book which states that you must eat junk food for the munchies, eat some fruit, kill your munchies and dry mouth with one stone.

Marijuana is unlike any other substance lumped into the category of ‘drugs’ for starters all it’s effects and affects arise from naturally occurring elements, THC and CBD, to give you a high which has very few effects on your health. In fact you can’t actually die from cannabis itself in any way, if you smoked a few thousand joints in about ten minutes then you would probably die of oxygen deprivation, but let’s be honest how would you manage to smoke that much? And even then who on earth would sell you that amount to take personally?

Alcohol is surely the gateway drug, marijuana only really bares your true self, it never really makes you act out of character, alcohol can turn you into a different person, shedding your inhibitions and making you more susceptible to trying things you know you really shouldn’t.



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