Watching As Other States Legalize

Posted on September 01 2016

Marijuana is in the process of shedding its ‘drug’ stigma and becoming more accepted in countries all across the world, and nowhere can this progress be seen more than in America. The progress is easier to see in America as while a number of states are decriminalized or legalized, a number are still on the fence and are contemplating legalization whereas others are showing no signs of progression in this direction. From an objective standpoint, this is interesting, as you can tell a lot about a state based upon its laws, however, if you live in one of the non-legalized or decriminalized states and you’re a smoker this can be agony.

For those living in California or some such state please take a moment to think of your fellow stoners over in Nebraska where not only is cannabis only decriminalized for the first offense but it is also a lot colder than it is in your state. Living in states where weed is illegal kind of makes you feel like the kid who had to stay behind in class to do his homework while all your friends were playing outside.

The pot industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in America and is, therefore a big draw for tourists and also a massive boost to economies both nationwide and for the individual states. Bearing this in mind, if you live in states like Alabama or Arkansas not only can you not smoke legally which means you may still have to pick up off dealers in shady areas as opposed to getting it from a nicely decorated dispensary, you will also be in a state whose economy is not receiving the economic boost brought by marijuana.



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