US Looking To Replace Northern Canada With Giant Grow Op

Posted on September 16 2016

When someone says Northern Canada, you generally think isn’t the place northern and cold enough already? And the answer is yes it most definitely is, which is why if a marijuana ‘forest’ were to be built there it would have to be some ‘strong shit’ in the sense that the plant wouldn’t be able to survive the winter otherwise.

And this is exactly what is being bred by the folks at Canadank, who are planning on replacing the majority of woodland in Northern Canada with nigh invincible marijuana plants, which have been bred to survive in nuclear climates. The proposed ‘forest’ would cover Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwestern Territories, though rumors of it extending north of the wall (I know there's not a wall really) and into Alaska have been proven false.

A spokesperson from Canadank stated, “This is something we have been planning for years, ever since previous investors and officials expressed interest in the project a number of years back, we have set about breeding a strain which can withstand the harsh temperatures of the far north.”

Essentially just think of this as a giant grow operation, it is presumed that the marijuana will supply dispensaries across North America, thus making cannabis prices drop. It is thought that there will be a number of stations throughout the crop monitoring the plants and essentially making sure they don’t die.

I’m sure we'll hear more news on this in the coming weeks, Prime Minister Trudeau has yet to release an official statement.



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