UK cannabis dealers are now 'prescribing' marijuana

Posted on October 02 2017

Upon reading that title, you may presume that this article is in some way satirical, however, you would be wrong to presume as such. As it turns out, some British cannabis dealers are actually offering medical advice to go alongside the cannabis which they sell to clients. This seems like a good way to gain an edge on the competition, what with it being so rife these days, and may actually help a lot of people as it turns out. One dealer in question, from Birmingham, claimed that it was essential for them to know as much about what they were selling and, inspired by American and worldwide medical application of the substance, started to instil their newfound knowledge upon their clientele despite not having any sort of medical qualification.  

The dealer in question grows their own cannabis and therefore has a little bit more insight into what chemicals (if any) are used in the cultivation procedure. After noticing that many clients would unload their problems, possibly as an excuse as to why they couldn’t pay, the dealer set about researching how different types and strains could be applied to treat different ailments. Using what information is put out by American cannabis companies online and on social media, the dealer and producer armed themselves with all the relevant information and quickly set about advising their clients. We already know that strains such as Gorilla Glue are some of the most popular strains as they help with insomnia, while others have claimed that Lemonade has helped with their back pain.

Overall, while this is still technically a criminal act, it seems like a more positive (not simply for profit) way of selling cannabis and people are seemingly receiving real life, legitimate help as a result. While medical cannabis seems in no way ‘on the horizon’ for Britain, this may be a start or a temporary solution, at least for some people.



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