Trump Or Clinton? Vote Weed

Posted on October 20 2016

If you’ve been paying attention in any way to the US Presidential election, then you probably know by now that you should probably just give up on it, if there's anything in the world that represents the worst humanity has to offer, then that election is it. It’s sensationalist and tiring at this point. So while everything is telling you to see the bigger picture, maybe you should do the opposite, and look smaller, look towards state politics and focus on the legalization of marijuana and many other pressing social issues in your local area. We aren’t gonna change America for the better this year, however, if we focus on improving each state then chances are America will get better, right?

Yeah, chances are it will if we try. Many states are having their own votes on legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana alongside many other topics and issues, but for the sake of the theme of the blog I’m only gonna discuss weed, which means the country can be changed starting small, piece by piece essentially.

I mean, I would kind of like it if a nugget of marijuana were to literally run against Trump and Clinton, screw that in fact, I’d love it if that were to happen. It would be like that Simpsons episode where an inanimate carbon rod wins employee of the month. On top of that, it would mean neither of the current candidates would win, which is a pretty desirable outcome. It can get better, it will get better.



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