Trump Berates Clinton's Marijuana Tolerance In Bizarre Campaign Video

Posted on October 28 2016

Donald Trump has long been undermining rival Hillary Clinton based upon her physical health and well-being, but in a recent campaign video where Trump attempts to foil Clinton on issues such as political corruption and, of all things, marijuana he heads into bizarre territory by claiming her body would not be able to tolerate equal levels of marijuana and alcohol that his could. This is not the first bizarre claim made by Trump, nor, I imagine will it be his last, yet it treads in especially odd areas for a would-be President. At a time where both figures appear equally unpopular, Trump appears to have more loyalists as well as a substantial amount more who oppose him and despise his outspoken, at times ignorant rhetoric. This seems to somewhat indicate that Trump supports marijuana, or at the very least would be open to considering marijuana reform, after months of both candidates being somewhat mum on the issue.

At this point Clinton’s true position on marijuana has been unclear, she has flip-flopped between being against it and being in favour of it to outright supporting it to the extent she has referred to medical cannabis dispensaries as ‘factories of freedom’.

However, this unclear position appears to be what has caused Trump to go on the offensive, in the video he targets Clinton’s physical strength, claiming she wouldn’t be strong enough to weather the current geopolitical climate, before moving on to discuss marijuana reform. In the section discussing marijuana, Trump’s general stance is not certain but he does joke that Clinton ‘would never truly understand the benefits of marijuana’ as she wouldn’t be ‘physically capable of finishing a joint’. It would appear strange days are ahead.



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