Top 5 Stoner Video Games

Posted on August 04 2016

Now let’s be honest people of most ages love video games, as much as people like to deny it and dismiss it as a child’s form of entertainment, put Tekken Tag in front of someone and their mate and no matter the age they will fiercely battle it out until there is one clear victor. Now bearing that in mind, games are entertaining at most times, therefore when you are high with your mates they become the best form of entertainment around, as gripping as a film but with more interaction which keeps your brain switched on. So without further ado, I will run you through 5 of the best games to play while you’re smoking pot, with your friends or otherwise.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Any game in the Zelda series is great, yet the most recent original game in the main series is possibly the best of them all. Its beautiful art style is enough to wow any stoner, sophisticated or otherwise and is rendered brilliantly to create what is possibly the best-looking game ever, this matched with the brilliant gameplay which makes Legend of Zelda one of the most critically acclaimed and long running game series’ of all time.

Street Fighter

A classic multiplayer fighting game, any game in the series would be acceptable, however, the second or third are preferable. The combat system is not as complex as Tekken’s, however, it’s more simple controls can be easily accessible to beginners and fully baked stoners alike, with button mashing a perfectly good strategy for combating foes although it may not work as well on more skilled and experienced players.


Whilst probably not an out and out stoner classic, this is one of my favourite game series’ of all time, with the new ones having a more complex online multiplayer system which you could use to play and battle with your friends with that added nostalgia kick from your youth. Also, an alternative to the main series of games is the recently released Pokemon Go which adds the element of what was once called ‘movin around n’ shit’, and is now called exploring, to Pokemon.

Walking Dead

The Telltale game series is less of a standard game in the sense that it doesn’t include much in terms of action, swapping that for a complex decision-making engine which helps shape the story of the game, think of it like the series but you make the decisions.

Mario Kart

This list may seem a tad Nintendo-heavy, however, that is only because I generally consider the older games to be the best games to play when high, and in the nineties and early noughties Nintendo reigned supreme, and any ‘best of’ list would not be complete without a racing game.  Any in this game series really provided it allows for multiple players. With its wide range of characters from the franchise’ main game series, Mario Kart can potentially provide hours of entertainment.



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