Top 3 Cup Winners

Posted on December 13 2016

Cup winning strains are those which have won prizes in any of the Cannabis Cups for their superior quality in terms of strength, taste or merely brilliant breeding. There have been many Cannabis Cups and therefore there are many cup winning strains to choose from, however, with this post I have aimed to pin down the four best. You may be thinking that the normal number in a cup ranking would be three: gold, silver and bronze and while it is in this one, I will not be ranking them as weed is more preference based so I shall merely make suggestions.

All Kush

Allkush reveals its Kush heritage in compact appearance and stout growth characteristics but the one-quarter Sativa shines through in the quality of the smoking experience, the high is dynamic and long lasting. The overall sensation is a deep body relaxing effect but also registers on a cerebral level. This effect starts in the lungs and sexual organs then rises throughout the other parts of the body rapidly until you feel completely at ease and can no longer suppress a big grin on your face! She is the queen for hash production. The flavour is full and somewhat sweet. The enticing odour is deep and powerful.

Allkush stays on the short side, maximum 2m in height and hardly stretches once she is put into the flowering cycle. She develops a large resinous top floral cluster and is perfect for a sea of green set-up.

* Winner 2nd prize Highlife Cannabis Cup 2005

* Overall Winner Cannabis Cup Argentina 2010


Buddha’s Sister

Buddha's Sister is a Cannabis Cup winning strain and was previously called Soma Kunk V+. She was created by combining Siddhartha with an Afghani Hawaiian. The taste is not as sweet as other Buddha's but it has an increased yield size.

A big resin production means that it can be used to create great hash. The plant will usually fare best when grown as a multi-branch specimen rather than as part of a Seo of Green plantation.


BC God Bud

BC Good Bud is a cross between God, Hawaiian, and a Purple Skunk strain. This strain is a Cannabis Cup Winner where it was voted the world's best Indica strain and you will soon realise why even while it is growing and long before you try the finished product.BC God Bud is especially popular with commercial growers because it has a dense bud and produces a lot of crystals. The Indica dominant strain will flower in 9 weeks and has a powerful taste and soothing effects.



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