This man ate 900mg of THC to prove you can’t overdose on marijuana

Posted on July 05 2016

With the legality of marijuana and marijuana infused products in states such as Colorado, Washington and Alaska come some rules. Colorado has just put into place a rule which allows no more that 100mg of THC to be sold in any one package, and it must be split into 10mg, easy to divide portions.

Edibles are great. They allow you to get a bit funky without actually having to pump smoke into your lungs or fiddle with a vaporiser. The problem with edibles however, is once you’ve eaten them, you can’t stop. You don’t have a lot of control over how high you’re going to get. It’s still a common stereotype in an Amsterdam coffeeshop to hear one young man say to his friends ‘I don’t think this space-cake is working, I’m going to have another one’, regretting his actions about half an hour later when the first one kicks in and he’s already over the moon.

Marijuana edibles give you a different type of high. The THC gets metabolised by the liver instead of bypassing it like when you smoke. To combat the warnings about a potential ‘overdose’ on marijuana, journalist James Joiner decided he was going to eat 900mg of THC in one serving. That’s 90 times the recommended dose.

He loaded up on cookies and chocolate bars. Even some weed infused pizza managed to make it into the collection of foods he gathered. A 40 year old guy, weighing in at 200 pounds, about to eat almost an entire gram of pure THC.

Shovelling it into his mouth, James funnelled the food into himself and waited for the effects. It takes a while for THC infused edibles to really take effect.

‘At around 30 minutes in, I started to feel tingly in my tummy. It’s hard to explain the sensation, and it may well have been psychosomatic, but it was almost like being tickled from the inside. My brain may have been doing it, manifesting anticipation. Either way, things were starting to happen. Lights suddenly grew a little brighter. Sounds were richer. My eyelids started to feel heavy and droop, taking on the stereotypical stoned face, which surprised me, since I always assumed that was an offshoot of smoking.’

He then got back home. And drank water. Lots of water. More water than he’d ever drank before.

Sitting on the sofa, a significant buzzing began.

‘Ah yes,” I thought. “Here it comes. The Fear.”

He lay on the sofa, arms out stretched, suddenly feeling tired. As he was only 90 minutes in, he had probably only metabolised a third of what was in his stomach.

15 hours later. James woke up.

James was ok. He felt, as many of us do after a heavy session, a bit fuzzy for the next day. He was ok, he didn’t die. He didn’t have many adverse effects apart from losing the majority of an entire day. We’re all good. Turns out you can't overdose on weed.



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