'Think They'll Be Able To Smell My Weed?' Ask Droves Of Fearful Festival-Goers

Posted on November 04 2016

Thousands of people queue for festivals every year, but none are apparently the wiser to drug search policy, if anything, sniffer dogs will almost definitely be able to smell weed, in fact the person on the opposite end of the leash probably will too. Point being that the smell of weed is hardly subtle. However, the queue reacted in shock when talk of sniffer dogs waiting for them at the end of the queue like the final boss of a videogame. When someone at the front of a queue catches a glimpse or sees any sign of security having help from any sort of quadruped, it sets off a chain reaction, word reaches the back of the queue within minutes, no confirmation needed.

“Like, I dunno man, I was already really high, and was caught completely off-guard by the news that they’d have dogs at the entrance. When do they do that? Why would they do that to us?” asked fearful festival-goer James Joyce (not that James Joyce!) maintaining a similar sentiment to the majority of his peers.

We asked psychoanalyst Robert Michaels for his opinion on why the thought of sniffer dogs inspire a sense of abject fear upon marijuana smokers and possessors, and he replied by explaining, “Marijuana has a tendency to fill whatever space it is in with it’s smell, but it can be masked, however, due to the complex build up of a dog's nose it will most likely be able to detect it under most conditions.” He then went on to explain that many stoners would be paranoid about a literal dog of the law.



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