Things More Fatal Than Marijuana

Posted on August 31 2016

After reading this morning that a teenage boy died after receiving a ‘love-bite’ or ‘hickey’ from his girlfriend, It added to the list of ever the more unlikely things which have claimed more lives than marijuana. Now this wasn’t some supernatural, vampiric act but rather the bite itself led to a blood clot which went into the boy’s brain and caused him to have a stroke. While tragic, you probably wouldn’t expect this act of passion and love to lead to a young man’s death, and I guess the same applies to marijuana, you wouldn't expect it to kill anyone and in fact it has maintained a steady rate of zero recorded fatalities since essentially the dawn of time, however, it is nonetheless illegal.

The complete lack of fatalities means there are scores of things far more deadly cannabis, some very unlikely but there is obviously the more predictable.

In reference to another news story from the past twelve hours or so, it would appear that R&B singer turned rebel without a cause, Chris Brown is far more likely to kill you. Brown was arrested last night, after a long standoff with law enforcement, for assault with a deadly weapon and whilst he didn’t actually kill anyone, he apparently attempted something in a similar vein, which is more than can be said for little old weed.

On top of all this, three hundred and twenty-three reindeer (you know, the Christmas ones) were killed by a lightning strike. While this doesn’t actually contain any actual human deaths, you could presume that it would have killed humans had there been any in the area. And the annual death toll is somewhere around two hundred on average annually, which, although low, is still two hundred fatalities ahead of cannabis.


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  • slaphappi: September 03, 2016

    I think of the most shocking things More Fatal Than Marijuana is high school football.

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