These people love marijuana but don’t want it legalised

Posted on June 30 2016

It seems that if you’re passionate about marijuana, then it would make sense that you support the full legalisation of marijuana. There are however some people who are big fans of everything marijuana, but would rather that legalisation doesn’t take place.

Why? The price.

There are people out there, particularly in the new legalised states who aren’t so keen on the new way of doing things. They are generally split into one of two categories.

One of these are former drug dealers. They’re unhappy that their business has been moved out of the shadows. One of the best things about drug prohibition is the amount of money one can make if you’re willing to deal in contraband. Just like bootleggers before them, drug dealers use the fact that marijuana is illegal to inflate the price and take all the profit.

When people sell cannabis products openly and legally, it removes the amount of money you can charge for the extra risk that used to be inherent in the transaction. Drug dealers have lost out massively since legalisation. They might love cannabis but they don’t love everyone having equal access to it. They want you to go through them so they can overcharge you for it.

The second group of people who aren’t massive fans of full legalisation are the people who like to buy cannabis from drug dealers because it’s actually cheaper for them than buying it in a licensed dispensary. ‘Black market’ cannabis in legal states doesn’t have sales tax, and doesn’t have the other taxes that come up during production incorporated into the end price. This causes cannabis produced and sold illegally in legal states to be sold at much cheaper than its legal counterparts.

These are two of the main reasons why someone could be quite happy with cannabis use and culture but against legalisation. The only time these people are effected by cannabis laws are when they are caught, and because most of them haven’t been caught, they feel invincible.

These people are part of the problem.



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