The Hardships Of Marijuana Research

Posted on January 17 2017

When we think about the hardships facing marijuana, we often only focus (mainly) on the fact that us, as members of the public, have restricted access to it in either a medical or recreational sense, yet are there those other than the layman who are being denied access to cannabis for a different reason?

Rather obviously, presuming you’ve read the title, there most definitely are. It turns out scientists wanting to research the old jazz cabbage in any way have to be put through the ringer to do so. Scientists have to gain the approval of federal, state and local agencies in order to study cannabis in any way. Alongside this, the samples of cannabis they receive for study, all come from the same place: The University of Mississippi.

While I have a good idea on the potential of marijuana, there isn’t actually that much research out there on the topic, all things considered, this contributes partially to the subsiding negative stereotype of cannabis. Many anti-marijuana groups and even politicians argue that the medical evidence in support of cannabis is not substantial enough to warrant legalization for medical use. Obviously, this argument goes in further for recreational, with many considering marijuana a dangerous ‘drug’ and therefore not suitable for either.

I would normally end on a positive, however, there is not much of a positive here as such. I would think the only bit of hope we can gleam from this would be that scientists genuinely being interested in conducting cannabis research is some consolation.



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