The Few Places Where Being High May Not Be Appropriate Or Ideal

Posted on August 22 2016

After reading an article on drug-testing deterring stoner skaters from performing in the Olympics, it made me remember how when I was younger, some of the people I skated with got high and absolutely shredded whilst others had a couple of tokes and struggled to pop an ollie. I found myself falling into the latter category, which made me realise that for some people weed is appropriate for any situation, now I’m not condemning this but I just can’t function in the same way when I’m stoned and therefore find it hard to hide. When I was younger hiding being stoned was pretty easy, but as I’ve grown older I’ve found it much harder, it’s not that i function in a lesser capacity but that I function in a much different way, with a different train of thought and to an extent a different speech pattern. This means that for many social or formal situations involving family, my girlfriend’s family or just generally people who don’t smoke weed being stoned is somewhat inappropriate.

Family parties, whether it’s yours or not, can be awkward in the sense that you are essentially forced into socialising with people. To many this is where weed might help, but not for me, when I’m stoned I tend to lose my ‘filter’ and talk a load of ‘rubbish’ and make bizarre jokes which around my friends is pretty funny but when I'm around straight-laced family members it kind of just seems awkward. However if your family drink a lot, being stoned while everyone is drunk can be inconspicuous and also really funny.

Smoking weed before going to work seems risky, as the effects of marijuana can last a while, you may be more prone to this if you work in a bar or something where you won’t start work until later in the day, essentially evening, you may have a smoke in the daytime. If this is the case, make sure you’re able to function while you’re at work or you may end up being inadvertently rude to someone. For example, I used to work in an outdoors store and I accidentally went to work stoned on one occasion, I forgot I had work, and spent the better part of my shift avoiding eye contact with both customers and colleagues which is funny in hindsight but was extremely difficult and testing at the time.  



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