The Best Things About Being A Stoner

Posted on August 25 2016

Now the title of this post essentially screams ‘shit I couldn’t think of anything to write’ and in one sense that is true however once I had racked my brain to think of something more specific and unique, my train of thought pulled up at this station. It wasn’t the station I’d originally intended to get off at, but the view from the window looked a lot nicer than the place I was headed. Now while this seems like a very general and vague thing to write about and discuss, the best things about being a stoner are somewhat subjective, which means that the things I discuss in the following two hundred or so words may not apply to you but I’d imagine most fellow stoners will at least understand.

From when I first started smoking marijuana to now, my love for the herb has rarely faltered, however, many times I smoke it I figure out something new I like about it. Many of these things will revolve around humor. One of my favourite things is how in sync being high puts you with others who you’ve been smoking with, I find that stoned people will find similar things funny or want to listen to similar types of music. On the humor front, something me and my friends always enjoy is that, providing we are also around non-stoned people, stoned people are generally somewhat dopey so they will not pay full attention to people. A great example of this was when we were in a restaurant once and the waiter had to attempt to take my friend's order around four times as he wasn’t paying attention.

Also, on a more personal level, my brain tends to seek interest and intrigue when I’m stoned, for instance, something I’d be interested in normally becomes essentially the greatest thing to me. This helps with my job as a writer for starters and it also generally helps when reading or watching things as I will pick up on small finite details I probably would have otherwise missed. However, I may also miss out on major plot points of films, books etc and interpret them differently.



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