The 3 Stages Of Stoned

Posted on October 04 2016

When you smoke weed you get stoned, that is what everyone knows. However, there is more than one type of high, and also more than one stage of being high. As with any drug you transition through somewhat of an arc until you finally come down from your high and probably want to sleep.

The first stage is sort of a buzz, which can hit you at a multitude of strengths. For most experienced stoners this is really just a small but pleasant feeling which foreshadows what is to come. It tends to ignite your fire and drive to consume more marijuana. At this stage, you should probably choose something to watch or the first tune you want to listen to.

The second stage is the realisation that you are high, this normally comes after the first joint. Usually, I tend to enter a state of realisation sometimes triggered by an outsider entering the room or house, as in someone not stoned. During this phase, I generally find myself to contemplative and sometimes self-reflective. This will either result in me talking a lot or being completely silent.

Now the final stage is somewhat different, it can go one of two ways, you can be completely into and interested in what's going on around you or you can mong out and want to sleep.It really just depends. Half the time you will spend hours talking about the music you’re listening to or the film/tv show you’re watching. Or on the other hand, you will sit there wanting to go to sleep wishing your mates would shut up about the music or the film.



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