Strain Review: Thunder Haze by Genofarm

Posted on September 21 2017

Thunder has strong, bold and powerful connotations, a real force of nature type idea. Whereas Haze, on the other hand, implies a more gentle and softer meaning, more so a presence than anything intrusive. So, what does this infer for a strain of cannabis that sends two words crashing head on towards each other, resulting in an elision of the two? Let’s find out.

Genofarm has made a name for itself as a supplier of high quality cannabis seeds, with their range consisting of a wide breadth of different and unique strains across a number of ranges. The bud in question, Thunder Haze, comes from their autoflowering range which is the product of years worth of hard, arduous work, breeding, crossing and planning. As you will see, this effort has resulted in some of the best, high-end quality, well produced strains of cannabis on the market today.

Reminiscent of the classic, old Haze, Thunder Haze can be cropped in a mere 80 days, the time which it takes to reach it’s potential, but obviously you can leave it longer than that. On top of this, the bud has a classic aroma, with lovely hints of pine and incense complementing the fantastic flavour of this strain. This Sativa-dominant strain has a high THC content matched with relatively low amounts of CBD resulting in a strong, yet relaxing, psychoactive effect. On top of all this, this plant is perfect for extraction, due to its high resin content.

If all this has you wanting in on this amazing strain, we are now stocking seeds on our website, which you can see here.



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