Strain Review: Peyote Cookies by Barney's Farm

Posted on June 26 2017

Before we properly begin to delve into the nature of this strain, let me first impress upon you what Peyote is. Peyote is a small, spineless cactus with psychoactive properties. The main intoxicant to be derived from Peyote is mescaline. Peyote is said to induce states of deep introspection and personal insight, with some users even going so far as to say the plant can connect them with ‘God’ or beings who exist on a spiritual plane of existence. Whether this is true or not, it should go some way to explaining the strength of this substance.

 Spawned from the crossing of Barney’s Farm staple Peyote Purple and their Legendary Cookies Kush, Peyote Cookies offers a top quality strain of cannabis.A large and detailed selection and back-crossing process isolated the very best qualities of both parents into one strain. The resulting plant is a vigorous hybrid, robust and easy to grow. Peyote Cookies grows into a heavy and dense stocky plant with strong branches needed to support its dense and resinous buds. The flowering plant displays a dazzling ruby red and purple complexion. This strain is mould and mildew resistant and grows superbly both indoors or outdoors.Peyote Cookies has a very intense guava and earthy flavour, with impressions of vanilla and coffee with a powerful, relaxing and long lasting effect.

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