Strain review: Panama Haze by ACE Seeds

Posted on August 08 2017

What began as a limited edition strain in 2008 has now returned by popular demand as a mainstay in our seed lineup. That’s like that really good, seemingly one-off character in that television series you watch returning as a season regular the following series, like Bronn from Game of Thrones. Unlike Bronn’s rough and ready, northern demeanour, Panama Haze by ACE Seeds is both a beauty to look at as well as being easy on the nose with it’s aromatic, fragrant scent tantalising your nostrils.

ACE Seeds began by pollinating their best and most potent Purple Haze and Green Haze plants to be used as parents alongside F10 Panama Elite which results in Panama Haze. This results in an outstandingly vigorous Haze dominated F1 hybrid, high in terms of both potency and yield with enhanced flavours of lemon, spice and classic Haze incensey aromas.

The influence of Panama looms over this hybrid strain increasing the density of it’s flowers, the resin production as well as the potency and the duration of the effects. The indoor adaptability of the haze has been improved and it’s flowering time reduced without the need for indica or skunk genetics.

Check out Panama Haze.



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