Strain review: Cold Creek Kush by TH Seeds

Posted on June 20 2017

The name Cold Creek Kush runs off the tongue for obvious reasons, it's alliterative, and alliteration just sounds nice. It really just rolls off the tongue. But we aren’t really here to discuss the name, while it does factor in the decision to grow or smoke, it’s not the bud's defining trait.

First I shall give you a bit of background information on the guys behind the product, TH Seeds are one of Holland’s oldest seed companies, having been established in 1993. Since then they have become one of the world’s premier seed suppliers, winning a multitude of accolades, including a plethora of Cannabis Cup victories. This should give you a little context on the quality of seeds they produce.

But how about we get some facts and figures to back this up....

Talk about a breath of fresh air, Cold Creek Kush has the name and flavour to support that.  Coupled with the legendary Colorado heavyweight Chem 91 this Sativa-dominant plant flips the script on your usual Kush profile. Chem 91 is the mother to both the OG Kush and the world famous East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD) making this IBL familiar enough for true heads from the first hit but unique in its Sativa undertones to keep all interested to the last hit.
 While Sativa dominant, there is a lovely, subtle Indica effect which really does make the stone of this one pure bliss.

Cold Creek Kush is a classic American taste, it essentially embodies the Rockies on behalf of cannabis, full-bodied and fresh tasting. A true beauty.

 Do not be deterred by it’s slightly longer flowering time of 60-67 days as it produces considerably larger yields than your average bud plant.



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