Strain review: California Special by KC Brains

Posted on June 22 2017

When you think California, you think ‘women weed and weather’ as famously stated by rapper Kendrick Lamar, so most weed with the word California in the name is probably going to be good. It’s a stamp of quality. Add the word special into the equation and you’ve got yourself something, well, you’ve got yourself something special.

Obviously, California Special finds its origins in California, it’s birth the result of an American California being bred with Skunk; a strain often chosen for it’s unique ability to increase yield by quite a large amount.

 If you wish for the plant to flower at the earliest possible time, then I would recommend growing the plant indoors, this should cause flowering to begin at around the 8 week period. However, this is not essential, you can leave the plant for a couple of extra weeks if you wish and the plant should not be harmed.

 You can also grow California Special by KC Brains outdoors as well, it may take a little longer than indoors depending upon the conditions and weather. The results for either method should yield great results.

Also, the great thing about buying seeds from Single Seed Centre is that, as the name rather obviously suggests, you can buy single, standalone seeds so you don’t have to buy in bulk if you so wish. This means that you don’t have to break the bank, with individual seeds of California Special costing only £1.50.

If these seeds appeal to you, then why not check them out on our site.



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