Strain review: Big Kush by Dinafem Seeds

Posted on July 13 2017

Big Kush, easier to find than the elusive Bigfoot but no less rewarding in terms of the payoff. Whether that’s actually the case or not, you decide, but I can tell you a few things for certain, the odds of success are higher and it is generally easier to attempt.

After months of tireless work and sleepless nights, Dinafem finally perfected the strain known as Big Kush. Born from the idea of making a balanced cannabis strain in terms of balance, potency, and richness of flavor. An excellent Sativa/indica blend that combines high-yielding properties with the intense, lemon aroma of Big Skunk as well as the aromatic flavorings of OG Kush.

While the plant itself tends to grow and stretch rather energetically, but, so long as you keep an eye on it, then you should be fine to grow it inside and the plant will perform very well. If you would like to grow the plant indoors then a warm climate is essential, for example, the climate of the Mediterranean, although a greenhouse would be ideal if not essential.

The final product is outstanding and all but guarantees relaxing and enjoyable moments with your friends or on your lonesome.

Big Kush is famous for its intense aroma and flavor blending the taste of lemon with a hint of fuel. The effect is physically and mentally powerful, beginning with a cerebral high before culminating in a lengthy feeling of relaxing. It is an all round well-balanced and top-notch cannabis strain.

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