Strain Review: Auto Reek'n by Devils Harvest

Posted on June 28 2017

Devils Harvest has a strain known as OG Reek which is a classic, it has won multiple awards throughout the years and is, as the name suggests, an OG also known as an original gangster. Auto Reek’n is the automatic version of this certified classic, I guess you could even call it an upgrade.

Auto Reek’n is a strong automatic Kush with a very strong OG flavour tone. We selected a terpene heavy phenotype of this very popular strain and then created an automatic version. This was followed by a selection process to find the best seeds to stabilise for the automatic version.

Even without automatic genes, OG Reek proved extremely popular, claiming awards and prizes for both its extracts and its flower at events worldwide. This definitely made introducing an automatic variation of this already superlative plant a piece of cake.

Quickly becoming a competitive force to be reckoned with, this strain has a wealth and depth of flavour and smell. While we would recommend a 20/4 light cycle to maximise the growth potential, Auto Reek’n is great for many types of growing.

Overall we would say, in terms of ease of growth, Auto Reek’n would be given a rating of a medium, experienced growers should have little problems with growth, whereas newbies may find some slight problems. Nonetheless, I would not say this is a particularly tricky plant to grow.

Check out Auto Reek'n here.



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