Strain review: Angel's Breathe by Mr Nice Seeds

Posted on July 21 2017

When you think of an angle, you envision a creature of great elegance and majesty, a being originating from the heavens. The word angelic which is derived from angel has very utopian and idealistic connotation, but what does this mean for cannabis? Well, Angel’s Breath is the topic of conversation for today, a name that really just warms you when you hear it or read it.

Angel’s Breath will breath new life into your smoking game, with its amazing flavor/taste and nigh-unparalleled strength, this is not the kind of cannabis to be taken lightly. This is a serious strain for serious stoners and smokers.

Patience is not only a virtue but it will be rewarded for growers of the Angel's Breath strain. This powerful plant may require 12 weeks to flower but it provides a strong bud and an incredible taste that is so fruity it is easy to recognize the Mango Haze lineage. Also used to create this strain is the Afghan Haze strain so you can enjoy the unique effects that Haze has to offer.

Both the Mango Haze and Afghan Haze lines are strong award winning plants and this Indica Sativa mix will certainly not disappoint fans of either parent. It can be grown indoors or outdoors but its 12-week growing time means that it may not be the best choice for first-time growers, who are usually more impatient than experienced growers.

You can buy Angel's Breath seeds here.



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