Strain review: Amazing Haze by Homegrown Fantaseeds

Posted on October 31 2017

The term amazing applies solely to things which surpass the majority of, if not all, expectations when it comes to the quality of the subject matter. Therefore it stands to reason that a cannabis strain named Amazing Haze will most likely be pretty, well, pretty amazing. Homegrown Fantaseeds are well known for providing some of the best seeds which one can grow in their own home or whatever premises they so choose. When it comes to Amazing Haze, they really knocked this one out of the park, or crop, and made a truly amazing haze strain as the name suggests.

Born from the union of the flavoursome Caramella and the iconic Amnesia Haze, Amazing Haze is a strain for true connoisseurs strain that, when cared for in a proper manner, will produce highly resinous and strong smelling buds which will also induce a rather intense but cerebral high.

While Amazing Haze has a flowering time of around twelve weeks, it is more than worth the wait for the aforementioned high resin productions as well as the considerably high yields this plant will produce. After these weeks, you will find yourself able to enjoy some of the best tasting cannabis alongside one of the highest of high buzzes you have ever experienced.

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  • Chad Douillard: November 24, 2017

    I’m interested in small plants if available…peices for medical would be appreciated as well as lower cost others…thanks
    Chad Douillar1030 w.macarthue Santa ana ca 92707

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