Strain review: Alpine Cookies by Moxie Seeds

Posted on September 04 2017

When two strains which have earned multiple cup victories come together, you know the result is going to be something explosive. This is exactly the case when it comes to Moxie Seeds’ Alpine Cookies, a delightful mix of Alpine OG and Forum Cookies, which really combines the best of both buds which come together to make it.

Let’s break down exactly what these amazing properties held by Alpine Cookies’ parents are. Alpine OG has a fresh taste worthy of it’s frosty name, complemented by an underlying sweetness, which results in one of the best tasting cannabis strains ever. All this results in a taste and smell which reminds one of the smell of fresh linens to complement the sweet, cookie notes already present.

To add to all this, in some cases the buds can adopt a purplish hue making it look beautiful, as if it has frosted tips, purple frosted tips. Said buds are small, tight and compact yet the resin content of the plant is staggering. THC content is in the high 20s which is pretty respectable and the plant itself is primarily indica although it is not purely indica.

The plant is pretty adaptable, it can be grown indoors or outdoors, although we would recommend using a greenhouse or something similar, this plant does have a level of versatility when it comes to where it can be grown. Naturally do not take the name too literally and grow it outdoors in subzero climates. If you are to choose Alpine Cookies as a plant, then expect medium, moderate yields.



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