Stoned Group Of Mates Voted Best Mannequin Challenge

Posted on November 25 2016

And the best thing is, they never even knew! The incident in question began on the evening of 20/11/16 when a group of mates, four males mid twenties (who we can’t name for legal reasons) gathered at one of the groups house to smoke marijuana. This is something they do regularly, pretty much every Friday and many Saturdays as well. All four of them were feeling pretty weary from a long week of work and therefore resolved to smoke copious amounts of marijuana in an attempt to relieve stress. One member of the group tapped out and called it quits early, refraining from any more marijuana and simply lying on the couch for an hour or so instead. When the man awoke, he ventured into the kitchen only to find his other three friends frozen, almost as if they were in stasis.

“It felt like something off a fantasy or Sci-Fi film, as if a magician had frozen them in time or like an alien had used some sort of ray gun to put them into stasis,” proclaimed the shocked friend. The man goes on to tell us that he began to video, and his friends stayed frozen for a good 5 minutes before he tapped them and shouted at them at which point they came round. No alien technology or spells, it turned out they were just stoned.

Within hours of the video being posted on social media it had over 1 million views coupled with thousands of shares. Many praised the video, proclaiming that it was the best mannequin challenge they had ever seen.



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