Stone-overs v Hangovers

Posted on June 21 2017

If you’ve been in the game for a while then you know the feeling of a stone-over, and I assume that most people know the feeling of a hangover. A hangover is up there as one of the worst states to be in, a stone-over, on the other hand, has it’s perks. With a hangover, your brain and mental capabilities could only really be described as ‘scrambled’ at best, and a car crash at it’s worst. Hangovers give you headaches, upset your stomach and can make you sick.

This is the kind of feeling that makes you not want to go to work in the morning, or in worst cases makes you unable to go to work in the morning. Hangovers make you kind of useless, believe me work is hard when you’re hungover for those who have never had the displeasure.

 A stone-over is a little different, at least it is for me, it’s actually pretty relaxing. I mean you are slightly impaired but not completely. You find yourself pretty relaxed more than anything else, floating through the day like a dandelion clock when hit by a gentle breeze. You may be slightly dazed and perhaps a little bit confused but you won’t feel ill and best of all you won’t be useless. Often times I find that the creative element that comes with a high still remains without the intense high itself.

 Overall it seems clear to me that in a battle between the two states, a stone-over is a clear victor, obviously only if you are judging based upon pleasantness as opposed to the intensity and other negative stuff like that. To be quite honest, I do think that being hungover is quite possibly my least favorite state to be in (out of all the states I’ve been in) as it impacts you physically and mentally in an awful way



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