Some Towns Still Fighting Against Marijuana

Posted on November 15 2016

An actual quote I read stated that locals in one town were worried about dispensaries turning downtown areas into ‘drug havens’ which is a problematic statement at best. The term drug haven connotes a town in ruin which is now ruled by drug use and drug barons, which is hardly a vision associated with marijuana. This dystopian vision merely comes about from people seemingly lacking the ability to see marijuana as anything more or less than a ‘drug’ therefore for the sake of those people I will attempt to envision a society ruined by marijuana usage.

In this town there would be only a couple of marijuana shops in a town, as more would be sort of overkill for the limited space, and people who wanted to use them would do so. I mean, can you imagine anything worse than that? Hold that thought whilst I delve deeper into this mysterious future, and writhe in fear at the terrors to come.

I imagine the same people who smoked weed before will smoke it in the same capacity, it still costs money, perhaps a little more frequently but they should be able to balance their jobs perhaps a little easier if there is a place to buy and smoke marijuana close by. Perhaps more people would be stoned, which means everyone would be that little more relaxed, not lobotomised which many people foresee, but that little bit less stressed. How dare they?

My prediction may not be accurate but I can see it a whole lot more than nice, well kept towns turning to ruin after the simple edition of marijuana dispensaries.



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