Snow White: The top white strains for the winter

Posted on October 12 2017

Winter is right around the corner, I’m not entirely sure on the exact the date which marks the start of the wonderful month we call Winter, but, what with the decline in temperature outside and in, it doesn’t take a genius to realise winter is coming. With that in mind, what are the most wintery cannabis seeds or, rather, what strains would you associate most with winter? Maybe fiery red strains to warm you up? Not quite, I’m thinking more in the vein of crystal white strains just made for the run-up to Xmas.

Snow White by Spliff Seeds

Not that Snow White, the other one, you know, the one you can press your lips against that does not come with a band of seven dwarfs. That’s right, the cannabis strain.

Given the title, you didn't think we were gonna leave this one out did you?

The buds are candle shaped, fat, enormous and have a greasy feel to them as a result of the THC production. The buds have been snowed under with resin and are real heavy weights. The main stalk is short and fat, which will support her heavy buds quite easily. She is a true Indica in appearance, short stalked and dark green with oval fan leaves. Red stalks are quite common and often the juice flowing through these stalks is of a red brownish color. She is very stable in phenos with hardly to no variation. We have managed to shorten flowering time to about 8 weeks. Before it used to be up to ten weeks. She has few leaves so a delight to manicure. Snow White can also be grown outdoor. During both veg and flowering she is vigorous. A great plant for SOG in, for instance, a hydroponic system. Maximum yields can quite easily be achieved. A true cash-crop in every sense.

Great White Shark by Victory Seeds

When you think of a Great White Shark, you think of the strong and cerebral predator who prowls the seas. Omitting the other elements, you are left with the strength, and Great White Shark from Victory Seeds is just that! An ingenious cross between Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian, Great White Shark is a match for anyone. It has a pretty standard flowering time of 7-9 weeks with the option to grow both indoors and outdoors if you wish. However, if you are to grow it outdoors then you should look at the end of September as the perfect cropping time. The plants grow to a medium-tall height and can produce and admirable 600g per plant if grown extremely well.


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  • Peter A. Davis: October 26, 2017

    I definitely will like to see pop weed, and loud! Sent me a look please. Thanks for emailing back all the times. Hightimes.

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