Smoke A Joint And Wait For The Election To Be Over

Posted on November 07 2016

I’m sure many people are getting tired of this shambolic election going on right now, you’ve heard of it right? You must have as it’s nearly inescapable for anyone with eyes and ears. You’ve probably heard enough bad things about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to the point that you now essentially despise both of them and find yourself trying to decide which is the lesser of the two evils or who is the best of a bad bunch. Trump is crass, obnoxious and the kind of man who seems to never think before opening his mouth, whilst Hillary comes across as a pleasant, lovely women who could easily be your grandmother, but the sheer volume of sketchy and suspicious emails which have been leaked off Clinton’s computer reveal that this may just be a public facade which hides a much more disturbing politician.

Neither politician has been concrete on their marijuana standpoint, granted, most of the time they have been busy fighting off scandalous accusations, many of which seem like celebrity gossip rather than actual political discourse therefore marijuana has really only been employed, seemingly, as a ploy to regain a shred of popularity.

This election has been ridiculous and sensationalist, appearing more like a high-school popularity contest to decide a class rep rather than an election to decide who will be the leader of the free world and essentially the most powerful person in the world. With this in mind I suggest you simply cast your vote, make sure you weigh up all the angles before deciding. Then, after you’ve done this, just ignore all the coverage (it may just get worse) smoke a joint and just watch something on Netflix, they’ve recently added Rick and Morty season 2, or any other streaming service and wait for it all to blow over.



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