Remember The News Presenter Who Quit On Air To Sell Weed...

Posted on September 29 2016

In September 2014 a marvelous video went viral, cropping up on social media feeds nationwide and even across the whole world. Charlo Greene announced herself to be the head of The Alaska Cannabis Club before ending her segment with an emphatic, “Fuck it, I quit.”

This was brilliant in so many ways. First of all it’s one of the gutsiest things I’ve seen someone say on live TV outside of Kanye West at an award ceremony. Secondly Greene was so unsuspecting, you would never have seen it coming,unless you knew her, which is reflected hilariously in the clip itself by the reaction of the news anchor after Green has revealed herself.

Since receiving exposure from this incident, Greene has become a businesswomen and spokesperson in the marijuana industry, even making magazine Elle’s list of major female players in the cannabis industry.

I write this now as I found out earlier today that Greene is facing a potential 24 years in prison for misconduct with a controlled substance. In fact, Greene faces multiple counts of misconduct stemming from raids and sting operations on her club.

It’s a tragic thing to hear, Greene being 28 now, would be 52 when released from prison if convicted. It’s especially upsetting knowing that Alaska has recently decriminalized. Yet on a more positive note it is a lot more likely that Greene will be fined, however, that fine is likely to be very hefty and could prove costly to her business.



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