Pot Usage Rises Among Humans As It Does Among...Pets?

Posted on November 01 2016

As marijuana legalisation spreads, more people have taken up smoking marijuana which kind of proves that the stigma surrounding marijuana originating from it being an illegal drug caused many people to not smoke it or even give it a chance. Which I guess is kind of good, but it does just show how much the law controls what certain people think.

You may think that you read the title wrong, however, you did not, but rest assured that though the amount is not huge, it is still an amount of pets getting stoned nonetheless. In Portland, since legalisation, a veterinary clinic reported a 63% increase in marijuana toxicity while only having a 7% boost in their client base. In fact, I think i’ll redact my statement about the amount not being huge, I would call 63% a pretty substantial amount, I mean I don’t personally know of any dogs or cats who have previously smoked da herb.

What makes this figure even more ridiculous is that, reports claim, that animals exhibit much of the same symptoms as humans do when they’re stoned, from glassy eyes to them becoming pretty lethargic and lazy. Animals can get baked! I dunno if that’s really cool or if it is a sign of some pretty strange stuff to come.

Either way, part of me would love to get high with my pets, however, part of me would feel wholly cruel. I mean, it would kind of be a bonding experience, but at the same time you would not really be able to tell if they wanted to do it or not, or if they even liked being high. Overall whilst I’d love getting blazed with my tortoise it would also seem a bit redundant, he has glassy black beady little eyes normally and he also moves slowly and likes to eat a lot.



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