People are protesting ‘potholes’ by putting marijuana plants in them

Posted on June 26 2016

Potholes are insanely annoying. At best they’re a minor inconvenience, needing you to swerve to avoid testing out your suspension. At worst, they’re a real danger to users on the road. Some folks in Nevada City, California, have taken to expressing their hatred for these pot holes in a new and eye catching way - they’ve been planting marijuana in them.

Residents in Cottage Street, Nevada City were tired of waiting for the city officials to come fix the giant holes in their road. The plan was hatched when local videographer Morris Crawford fell off his bike when it hit one of the holes, sending him flying across the road.

“This is Nevada City, and it wasn’t enough to complain to the City Council,” told a local newspaper “I mean, all they’ve done is come out and paint white circles around the holes. Anyhow, we had to make a Social Media-shareable statement. So I called up a connection I had in Allegheny, and he brought down these four marijuana plants and we stuck them into the holes.”

It’s a sure fire way to get pot holes noticed, as you can imagine, even in fairly liberal California, city officials don’t want marijuana plants growing out of holes in the middle of the street. The would-be road repairers have also sparked others into following their example. Pot plants have popped up all around the city in order to protest pot-holes, turning them into real ‘pot-holes’.

Of course, not everyone is quite as into the idea, some local residents think that’s its not a good thing for the neighbourhood to be known for.

“I’m all for experimenting with new ideas,” said a concerned Cottage Street resident Stacy Grant, “but this is not the way to do it. I’d prefer they experiment with someone else’s neighbourhood, ya know? Not mine. how long do you think these plants will last? 10 minutes? Anyhow, it’s a clever prank, I just wish it wasn’t on Cottage Street. The City Council needs to come up with real solutions for this. We’re still recovering from the ‘Let Cottage Street go Fallow‘ thing from a few months back.”

So, if you can’t seem to get your road repaired around you, perhaps it’s time to think about planting marijuana in them. It will definitely get them noticed!



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