Old School Strains: White Widow

Posted on June 15 2016

Alright, so, White Widow isn’t quite as old school as Acapulco Gold or some of the other strains we’ve looked at, but for me, this absolutely takes the cake when it comes to what smoking in the 90s was all about. White Widow was what you would be ecstatic about when you found out that’s what was in the bag.

White Widow was created using a pure sativa land race from Brazil and was pollinated using an Indica hybrid that was sourced from Southern India. This pairing, bringing together the best of the eastern and western hemispheres across the world made something that was a whole lot more than the sum of its parts. It was created by a seed breeder known as Shantibaba who now owns and runs Mr Nice Seeds and the CBD crew.

White Widow itself was a strong plant, much stronger than a lot of the marijuana that came before it, and it got a reputation for its strength pretty quickly. It would leave you quickly relaxed and also worked as a great painkiller for those general muscle aches and pains after a long day. It was these great qualities, along with its signature of being covered with a ridiculous amount of white trichomes that won this strain the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in 1995.

The plant itself grows quite short and bushy, and has a large main cola that becomes almost sheet white with trichomes at the end of the growing period. A fairly short flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks makes it a great option and the yield can be quite large with up to 450g per square meter when running a sea of green grow. It’s got a high THC content too, but it being an older strain, doesn’t necessarily pack the punch of some of its newer cousins.

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