Meet Sudan - Africa’s largest producer of cannabis

Posted on July 11 2016

You may well have heard of Sudan before. It recently split with it’s southern province of South Sudan in a mostly religious sectarian split to create two new countries. Sudan was also accused of a fair amount of genocide and warmongering too. Now, it appears they also have a new claim to fame. They’re growing more weed than anywhere else in Africa.

The following press release from Dabanga News lays out what is going on in the country:

‘According to the General Office for Combating Drugs in Khartoum, Sudan is the largest producer of cannabis in Africa.

The Office reported on Friday that most of the cannabis is cultivated in South Darfur's El Radoom locality.

The drug trade in Sudan exceeded $7 billion last year, while the use of cannabis grew by 34 percent, especially among university students and other young people between 18 and 22 years old.’

Cannabis is illegal in Sudan, like much of Africa, and possession can be penalised with a fine of a maximum prison sentence of seven years. Like much of Africa as well though, bribes can sort out many problems with the police, and in certain areas you will have no problems. If you are bribing someone, apparently it’s best to bribe the highest ranking officer possible.

An ounce of weed in Sudan will apparently cost you around 10-20 US dollars, with the buds looking like old school Thai weed. No fancy hydroponics stuff here, African bush grade is what you’ll be getting.

One of the reasons cannabis is so popular in Sudan is the fact that due to alcohol being illegal, black market booze is often much pricier than cannabis, so people tend to go for the cheaper option.

Time for a trip to Sudan then. 


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  • Mohamed: July 12, 2018

    Hey guys I live in Canada but came to visit Sudan and I gotta say this, why is it here that people go insane over weed, like some people actually go crazy after consuming it, never in the history of Canada have I ever heard of someone going crazy because they smoked too much why is it here that people go crazy

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