MarijuanaTo Receive Honorary Oscar For Extraordinary Achievement In Film

Posted on September 02 2016

The often sticky (sometimes dry) green herb, part time ‘drug’, part time medicine and all around great guy Marijuana is to be awarded an honorary Oscar for the ‘extraordinary achievements’ it has made in the field of film.

In the same press release the US Film Academy also revealed that famed martial artist turned actor Jackie Chan would also receive the award after a lengthy voting process. Chan remarked that he was ‘honoured but nonetheless shocked’ for even being considered in the same league as marijuana when it comes to film.

Weed, thought to be around 10,000 years old, has starred in scores of films, from Breakfast Club to the Big Lebowski, known as much for it’s behind the scenes work, motivating the actors to perform at their best while also taking centre stage at times, in films such as Dave Chappelle’s Half Baked or Redman and Method Man’s How High.

Cannabis began its humble career in the 1930’s with a titular role in the 1936 exploitation film Marihuana before starring in Reefer Madness later that year and Assassins of Youth the following year. While none of these were Oscar worthy performances, many critics did note that they saw a spark of potential in the green herb early on. Following this, marijuana flew  a bit under the radar for a couple of decades before emerging as one of the driving forces behind the hippie and counterculture movements of the 1960’s, which led to it landing a role in 1969 film Easy Rider which in turn led to a consistent string of roles which continue to this day.

A spokesperson for the US Film Academy stated, “We’ve wanted to give an award to marijuana for many years, due to it wearing so many different hats, playing such a diverse set of roles, sometimes it’s a drug then it’s medicine and then it’s party time (laughs) All jokes aside cannabis, marijuana or whatever you choose to call it has proven to be able to adapt to many different roles, and that is the essence of film, the fulcrum of The Oscars.”



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