Marijuana To Be Awarded A Nobel Peace Prize

Posted on October 07 2016

This week it was announced by The Norwegian Nobel committee that cannabis, the general substance, is to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination process is a long and somewhat arduous process, with nominations being made by a number of official assemblies to the committee, this is then followed by numerous shortlists and shorter-lists being drawn up before the decision comes to a head. Between these lists the committee must deliberate and debate amongst themselves over who and what is to win the prize.

Marijuana has long been considered a symbol of peace and prosperity for many, myself included, therefore it is extremely gratifying and satisfying to see da’ herb gain official recognition for it’s arguably brilliant traits. Marijuana can come in multiple forms: sticky or dry, green or purple, indica or sativa, as well as many strains within all these categories, for example some famous ones include OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Purple Haze. However, It is understood that it is marijuana in general that will receive the prize, which is understandable considering the complications which would arise from sorting it into subcategories.

We contacted a spokesperson for The Norwegian Nobel committee for a comment on the surprise nomination, in reply, he stated:

“We have received nominations for cannabis to be awarded the prize for a number of years, usually in minuscule volumes, however, this year we received an astounding amount of nominations all in favour of cannabis. This wasn’t something we could deny, we are not a corrupt organisation. We couldn’t help but notice that marijuana has been at the centre of quelling feuds for decades now, from rap beefs to friends fighting, marijuana is an agent of peace, perhaps the most prolific agent of peace due to it not being comprised of a single entity.”

Wow, that pretty much says it all folks! We cannot wait for the ceremony, and you’d better believe we will be tuning in.



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