Marijuana: The morning after

Posted on October 19 2017

Waking up with a hangover is, in a way, pretty awful, it can change the mood and tone of your whole day. It is pretty much always effective in a negative way, often making your day worse. For  me right now, it is impacting upon my work life, my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity and I’m generally a lot worse off than I would be normally. Alcohol consumption, for me, acts as a sort of perpetuating regret in that every time Ii drink I regret it the morning after, however, I do quite like drinking but I will not pretend for a second that it’s particularly beneficial for you in any physical way.

In a roundabout way, this brings me to the thought of a stone-over, which is like the quaint alternative to the hangover. If a hangover were to be a city then a stone-over is a village, relaxed and chilled out, not too hectic.

Waking up with a stone-over might make you a bit slower than usual however it’s a nice slow. It makes you drift through the day at a slower pace to everyone else.

The slowness is unlikely to last all day, it will wear off and ease you gently into the day, as if you were gently flowing through the day. You may find that you can better approach things once this wears off, being calmer, more collected and all together less stressed.



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