Marijuana myth-busting

Posted on January 17 2018

I write a lot about the effects and subsequent wonders of marijuana, it has a varied array of them, spanning from the intoxicating to the medical, I never really talk about what marijuana doesn’t do. Marijuana is thought dangerous by non-smokers probably due to the exaggerated reports on what being stoned is like. Many people seem to believe that marijuana causes bizarre hallucinogenic effect mixed with the inhibition shedding which spawns from alcohol. Yeah, seriously, why do people use being high as an excuse for doing really dumb things? I’m really not sure, but I’ll certainly give my ten cents on the matter.

Marijuana and petty, street crime are seemingly eternally entwined. Many article headlines will refer to a person having robbed a shop or some such place, with some ridiculous twist such as the person wearing nothing but a santa hat, before adding that the person was ‘high on marijuana’.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on criminal psychology so I don’t care to speculate on what drives human beings to do such bizarre things, however, I have been stoned a fair few times now and I’ve never really considered the positives of performing some sort of robbery in an odd manner. That’s not to say I’m not capable, because clearly it’s something all stoners do.

All jokes aside, I’m not disputing the fact that the people who perform said odd crimes aren’t stoned, it’s just these articles mention marijuana as if that was the driving force behind the act. I rarely want to do much beside eat, watch something, play something, listen to something, talk about something, maybe write something, draw something or drink something when I’m stoned, never do I ever really decide I want to do something I wouldn’t be comfortable doing when sober. Whilst I do enjoy things more when I’m stoned, I have never seen anyone act actively out of character when stoned.

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