Marijuana: "It's Criminal," Says Violent Drunk

Posted on December 09 2016

In the state of Arkansas marijuana fever is reaching a new stage, with the whole thing being essentially up in the air. Many have expressed interest in legal marijuana, creating a sense of marijuana fever amongst groups of the state’s residents. This positive view of marijuana does not reflect all of Arkansas, the city of Little Rock’s ‘town drunk’ representative Curt Curtson who is currently on parole for assault charges, stated, “They letting this  drug business take over our here state, and I ain’t standing for it, It’s criminal If you ask me.”

As previously mentioned Curtson is currently on parole for an assault committed back in July, he was heavily drunk during the event in question and ended up knocking two of his friends unconscious. Yet he is quite clearly an expert on the matter of what should and what shouldn’t be allowed to pass for legal in the state of Arkansas.

Marijuana has always come under scrutiny from those who essentially don’t know any better. From misinformed politicians, to your dad who grounded you for smoking that joint in high school, marijuana has always been the criminal element to your life in the eyes of others. We get this kind of bad press and negativity hurled against us mainly because marijuana is illegal, looking at alcohol, which doesn’t get as much bad press for what it is and is fully legal, as something which has caused numerous deaths and illness which aren’t really addressed as much as they should be.



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