Marijuana Advertising

Posted on November 16 2016

Marijuana advertising is a pressing issue in the industry, with many states imposing sanctions upon advertising marijuana across multiple forms of media which inhibits many companies looking to promote their product. This is especially outrageous when you consider the laws on advertising alcohol are pretty lax considering its effects on the community. Marijuana is on the up and up so it is about time that the laws on advertising it were improved so as to accommodate a growing market. Previously I have discussed the difficulty with advertising marijuana in a climate wherein it is still somewhat outcast and viewed in a negative light by many of the powers that be, however, as I previously pointed out there are some great ways in which you can make a decent advertisement.

Many states enforce laws in which marijuana can only be advertised in a non-deceptive capacity. Which when you think about it is quite an odd thing to declare as surely every advert should adhere to this standard. Does this mean that many other adverts are deceptive? Probably, but that’s not the issue, marijuana is generally a pretty honest industry itself, it’s pretty much only the opposition who are deceptive when it comes to marijuana.

To further illustrate this point, all adverts which have been produced in opposition to marijuana legalisation have grossly misjudged what would arise from marijuana legalisation for effect. They’ve painted the marijuana industry as a danger to children and adults alike as well as somewhat villainous and criminal which we all know is wrong.



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