Man Marries Marijuana Plant

Posted on August 26 2016

It’s been a thing for a couple of years now for people to marry bizarre things like animals or objects and in some cases themselves. However, whilst all those are funny themselves, they wouldn’t warrant reporting on for this blog as they aren’t about weed which is kind of a shame. That is until now however as a man in Uruguay has officially married marijuana. Though in my head I'm imagining a nug of weed in a white dress walking down the aisle, the bride was, however, actually a cannabis plant.

Diego Suarez, 38, of Paysandu in Uruguay announced he was to be married to one of his prize Grand Daddy Purp plants back in June, however, most of his friends presumed this was just a joke. But as the month went by more and more people started to believe him, until this past weekend the majority of Diego’s neighbourhood showed up for his happy day.

We contacted Diego to confirm the news and press for more details and he was more than courteous when responding. We asked him the obvious question of, why marry a nug of weed and he replied by saying, “Why not? I’ve dated multiple women, and even a few men during my adult life and, after a while, you realise that they all let you down, which made me think of things that don’t let me down and the only thing I could think of was marijuana.” Suarez, a self-described marijuana lifer, went on to explain the trouble of telling his family about his decision, describing it as ‘slightly awkward’ and saying that they still don’t fully understand or condone his decision.

On an even stranger note, Uruguayan officials had to iron out certain parameters to cope with the first ever case of human marrying marijuana, with the age of consent being set at 60 days after sprouting.

This begs the question, is this the weirdest marriage you’ve heard of? Let me know in the comments.


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  • Scant: December 29, 2016

    My Friend said if I married a pot plant I would “smoke it”.then I would have no wife.i said “oh dear god,your right”!id still smoke her tho because I loved her and she wanted me to,she said "forget Steve "!!and I could not because I would pack on Friday .

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